302 or 301 with pop-up warning on root for multilingual

Hey guys,

I’m facing a dilemma. One of my sites is in 3 languages and currently uses a 302 redirect to the root based on the user’s language.

I wonder if it would be better to use a 301 redirect to the default version (EN), and if the referrer is root + the user has one of the other languages, show a popup inviting them to change language.

For users, this might be slightly worse, but for link building, the 302s cause less link juice and I have many links pointing to the root.

What do you think?

Using 302 redirects to direct users to the root based on their language is generally seen as a temporary solution. This type of redirect means that search engines won’t pass the full link equity, or “link juice,” to the redirected URL. While 302 redirects offer flexibility for frequently changing redirection rules, they are less effective for link building because they don’t fully transfer link juice to the target URL. Consequently, if SEO and consolidating link authority are priorities, relying on 302 redirects may not be the best approach.