Any other alternatives to HARO?

I have been using HARO with no fruits at all. Who knows any other option that works for them?

Stick to HARO. Other alternatives will give you bad backlinks that will see your site hit by Google. Something good is rare to find maybe try to up your game.

Scaring @Sigmod away from alternatives to HARO because of some vague “bad backlinks” is a bit dramatic. HARO ok but acting like it’s the only safe option???

“Bad backlinks” from alternatives? That’s fear-mongering nonsense. There are plenty of ways to build quality links outside HARO, as long as you’re not buying spammy links from some black-hat bazaar.

Guest blogging platforms, content marketplaces, even building relationships with journalists directly can all be fruitful strategies. The key is to focus on quality, relevance and following Google’s webmaster guidelines. Don’t listen to the naysayers…

You might want to take a look at Content Marketing: Create Epic Content and Get Cited which has similar features to HARO, it’s completely free and so far I’ve had a good experience with it.

You can use Profnet and toggle Australia or whatever country you like. That said, when I use Profnet, I mostly get US responses.