Any reputable SEO companies to help my small business rank higher?

Hi guys In order to help my small business rank higher on Google, I am searching for a company or individual with experience in both website design and SEO. I search on Google, but there are a ton of results, and I am not sure who to contact right now. Any recommendations?

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Since everyone claims to operate differently, it all comes down to identifying your specialty.

My friend, who owns a moving company in Washington, PA, wanted to grow to Ohio and West Virginia, but they dared to take on large franchises like Two Man and a Truck.

He has been utilizing Rotate Digital, which specializes in SEO for movers alone. I advise you to select a business that specializes in a particular niche and is well-versed in it and to use the same strategy for your venture.

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Before you reach out to any agency, it’s crucial to educate yourself to avoid getting scammed. Keep in mind that reviews can be faked, and case studies might not apply to your industry or location.

I recommend taking some basic courses on BrightLocal Academy (just Google it) to get a good grasp on strategy. This will help you better evaluate agencies.

Feel free to ask any specific questions. I work with specific niches, so my agency might not be the perfect fit for everyone, but I’m here to help!

Baseline, learn the basics of SEO concepts to prevent being scammed.

This :point_up_2:t2: But too many people won’t until it is too late

Use Semrush.
SEMRush offers a suite of SEO tools and also provides SEO services to help businesses with keyword research, link building, and technical SEO.