Best link building strategy?

I am currently figuring out the most effective link building strategy to use. There is a lot of noise out there with every vendor claiming their approach is the best.

So far, I have been acquiring homepage links through HARO and purchasing niche edits and guest posts for specific article URLs. However, this method is both time-consuming and expensive, which has kept my overall referring domain count relatively low.

What do you think about purchasing .EDU and .GOV profile links to ramp up my backlink profile? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated guys.

Here’s a general strategy. It’s not easy, quite the opposite, but it’s free, and it works.

Creating top-quality content is nice, but nobody’s linking to that anymore. Instead, focus on building linkbait—interesting, unique, and niche content in your industry. Stuff that people will find cool and shareable.

Many SEOs will tell you that creating linkbait is enough, but it’s not. After creating the linkbait, search for websites that might link to your unique content. You’ll spend a lot of time sending custom emails to targeted websites, begging for links, and you’ll only rarely get a link. However, when you do, it’ll be a high-quality link worth the effort. It’s a numbers game: ask 100, get 3 responses, and secure one link.

For example, I once bought old books with mortality statistics from the late 1800s. I compiled mortality stats every 10 years up to the present and built a calculator that showed how long you’d live if it were 1850, 1860, etc. Then, I went link begging. I got links from statistics organizations, professors, and industry organizations. Not many links, but each one took a lot of requests. However, those few links were more valuable than almost anything else you can do.

Find statistics in your niche and create a lengthy, well-written page about the facts. I normally illustrate with the statistics.

After thoroughly researching effective link-building strategies, I’ve found that a diversified approach tends to work best. The key is to focus on earning high-quality, relevant backlinks from authoritative websites in your industry. Some of the most successful tactics include guest posting on industry blogs, leveraging broken link building by finding and replacing dead links on related sites, creating shareable content that other sites will want to link to, and participating in online communities and forums to build relationships that lead to natural link placements. Outreach and relationship building are crucial, as are ensuring your site content is worthy of being linked to. I also avoid spammy or manipulative link-building methods, as search engines are increasingly cracking down on those. The goal should be to earn links that provide value to users, not just boost rankings. By taking the time to build genuine connections and create high-quality, linkable assets, I can develop a diverse, sustainable link profile that signals authority to search engines. This well-rounded approach tends to deliver the best long-term results.