Best SEO Courses?

I haven’t learned SEO in a school, but I’ve picked up some skills at work. Now my company wants me to get better at it by taking a course. Do you know any good courses for that? I checked out Udemy, but some of the reviews are mixed. I’m wondering if there are better courses somewhere else. Thanks!

Looking for the top SEO course? Here are seven highly recommended options:

  1. Semrush Academy
  2. Traffic Think Tank (TTT)
  3. Google SEO Fundamentals (UC Davis) by the University of California, Davis
  4. SEO Certification Course by HubSpot
  5. SEO Training Masterclass 2024 by Alex Genadinik
  6. Moz SEO Essentials Certificate
  7. Advanced SEO Certification Training by Matt Bailey

Here are some top picks for the best SEO courses:

  1. Ahrefs’ SEO training course (Free)
  2. Practical Programmatic SEO (Paid)
  3. Content-Led SEO (Free)
  4. Blog Growth Engine (Paid)
  5. HubSpot SEO Certification (Free)
  6. Affiliate Lab (Paid)
  7. Backlink SEO training (Paid)
  8. (Free)
  9. Gotch SEO Academy (Paid)
  10. SEO Unlocked (Free + Paid)
  11. Project 24 (Paid)