Best SEO tool for a new small business on a budget?

Some of the more well-known programs available appear to cost approximately $100 per month, such as SEMrush vs Moz. Is there any good tool available for less money? I am aware of Google’s Analytics, Search Console, and other free tools. However, something that arranges everything in one location, generates reports, helps us monitor our progress for different keywords.

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The bottom line is that you get what you pay for. Consider this: I work full-time for a marketing agency and make $35 per hour. If I take a job like this at $50 per hour (on the low end), I’ll go through my budget in 10 hours. This would translate to two or three evenings of effort. Could I do anything in that time? Yes, but don’t expect miracles.

I think SEMRush is the best. It has great keyword tracking and competitive analysis tools. Plus, it offers discounted Yext listing for local SEO, decent backlink analysis, and tech audits.

I recommend SEMRush over others. Moz is limited and only good for keyword tracking. Ahrefs is strong in backlink analysis but not as good for small businesses or for keyword tracking and competitor analysis. Also, Ahrefs’ UI isn’t great.