Do subdomains count as duplicate content to main domain?

I’ve set up a network of around 50 subdomains (local versions of the main organization’s domain), but they’re not appearing in search results.

An SEO contact suggested this might be the issue:

“Google updated its algorithm a few updates ago, effectively penalizing sub-domains. People searching for the website will have a hard time finding it because, from Google’s perspective, the content on the sub domains is the same as the main domain. Using means that Google sees this as duplicate content, which reduces its visibility on the first page.”

Is this correct? Or is it possible for subdomains to rank highly for relevant search terms just like normal domains?

Partially, your SEO contact is right. Subdomains may be seen by Google as part of the primary domain at times, which may result in duplicate content problems. Subdomains, however, can get great rankings if they have strong backlinks and original, excellent content. Make sure every subdomain contains unique, worthwhile content, and optimize each one separately for increased exposure.

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Search engines don’t care if your content is on a main website (primary domain) or a subdomain. If it’s already out there on the web, it’s seen as duplicate content. They crawl and index everything!

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