Hi Guys how do you find low competition niches?

As you’re aware, analyzing competition across numerous niches can be challenging and time-consuming. Do you happen to know any methods or tricks for identifying low-competition niches that are relatively easy to rank for?

You first of all do a manual search and see keywords that are not covered by big sites like Wikipedia, CNN etc. You look for such keywords in your niche. The internet is loaded with loads of content so you can say there is a niche which is uncovered. The trick is doing original, high quality content using a unique angle

To find a niche with little competition, search for unique topics you know well, check how many sites cover it, and see if people want more info on it.

To identify low-competition niches, use keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner or Ahrefs to find specific, less competitive keywords. Exploring questions on forums and Reddit can also reveal underserved topics. Google Trends can help spot emerging interests with lower competition. Leveraging personal expertise or interests might also uncover unique, low-competition niches. Combining these strategies will aid in finding niches that are easier to rank in.

Finding low-competition niches can be approached by:

  • Using keyword tools to find longer, specific keywords with decent search volume but low competition.
  • Analyzing competitors to identify underserved areas.
  • Exploring sub-niches within broader topics.
  • Considering seasonal trends.
  • Using Google Trends and forums to gauge interest.
  • Evaluating keyword difficulty.
  • Targeting local markets or specific demographics.
  • Combining these methods can lead to discovering easier-to-rank niches.