Hiring an SEO Agency vs. Using Shopify SEO Apps for a New Store

Hi to all of you! I’ve just launched a Shopify store and am delving deeply into SEO. If you have experience, would you suggest a new store use one of the Shopify SEO tools available, or would you suggest hiring an SEO agency?

Which apps, if you are an advocate, do you think are the best?

I would be very grateful for any advice or experiences that you could provide!

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Agency. Plugins and SEO tools can only take you so far. You need experts if you truly want to grow your company and rule a market.

Just be cautious who you associate with and avoid dodgy characters.

Based on the search results, I would recommend hiring an SEO agency over relying solely on Shopify SEO apps for a new store. While Shopify provides some built-in SEO features, the platform has limitations that can make it challenging to fully optimize your store for search engines. An experienced SEO agency can help you overcome these limitations, develop a comprehensive keyword strategy, build high-quality backlinks, and implement advanced on-page optimizations that Shopify apps may not be able to handle. Additionally, SEO agencies can provide valuable expertise and guidance that generic SEO apps cannot, helping you navigate the constantly evolving search landscape and adapt to algorithm changes. While SEO apps can be a useful supplement, the consensus seems to be that hiring an agency is the better choice if you want to truly dominate your market and drive significant organic traffic to your new Shopify store.

Plugins can help with on-page SEO, but real results come from backlinks.

Most people end up hiring an SEO agency for this, but be careful—most backlink sellers are scammers.
SEO is an open field; anyone can claim they do it. Many so-called SEO experts, even big agencies, won’t help much. I’ve visited their offices and met their CEOs, and it’s a shady industry.

Best advice? Learn as much as you can about SEO yourself so you can make smart choices and ask the right questions when hiring help.

Starting out with SEO for your new store isn’t tough. Agencies might not give you much more than what you can do yourself with apps. As others said, DIY first, then consider hiring a freelancer or agency as your business grows and budget allows.