How do I change business address on google?

I started a mobile personal training side hustle, and during the verification process today, Google associated it with my old Gmail account, which is not connected to my actual business. As a result, when I receive reviews, they go to my old Gmail instead of my business email. Is there a way to change this? When I search for my company using my old Gmail, it shows “Your Business on Google” where I can edit everything except the email. Obviously, I don’t have that option on my business email. Is there a fix for this issue? Thanks in advance.


Certainly! If you’re looking to update the email address associated with your Google Business Profile, here’s a simplified version of the steps you can follow:

  • Sign in to your Google Business Profile.

  • Go to the “Info” section where you can view your business details.

  • Look for the email address field and click on the pencil icon to edit it.

  • Enter your new business email address and make sure to save the changes.

If the option to edit the email isn’t available, you might need to initiate a transfer of ownership to your business email.

This is done through the settings in your Google Business Profile and involves sending a request to your business email to assume ownership.

Once you’ve updated your email, all future communications, including reviews, should be directed to your business email.

This will help streamline your business operations and ensure that your clients are engaging with the correct email address.

Remember to keep all your business information current on your profile to help your clients connect with you easily.

Best of luck with your personal training venture!

Really, there is nothing you can do to decrease your likelihood of being suspended. Google will continue to Google. You can wait to alter the address until you get business documents, such as utility bills and county records, that list your new location along with your company name. In the event that you are suspended, you will have supporting documents to “hopefully” get you back on track as soon as possible.

To update your business address on Google, go to your Business Profile and enter or edit the complete and accurate street address. Ensure it follows Google’s address guidelines, including adding suite numbers or unit details. If you don’t serve customers at your address, leave it blank and specify your service area instead.