How do you all write home page meta description?

How do I make a good description for SEO? Should I use Google’s suggested words in it?

To make a good meta description, keep it short and sweet (under 160 characters) with your main keyword in place. Focus on what users get, for example, finding the perfect recipe or learning a new skill - instead of just listing features. You can still use Google’s suggestions if they fit naturally!


For you to write good home page meta descriptions follow these simple steps that I usually use in my daily routine.
Below are the essential elements for crafting an effective meta description:

  1. Limit your words to 155 characters.
  2. Employ an active voice for actionability.
  3. Incorporate a compelling call to action.
  4. Utilize your focus keyphrase.
  5. Provide pertinent specifications as necessary.
  6. Ensure alignment with the page’s content.
  7. Craft a distinctive description.
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All you need to do to make your meta description look good is always be on point with the text, include the relevant keyword that you are focusing on and state what makes your website or business unique

Then You are good to go! :heart_eyes:

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