How Long Does it Typically Take to Write 2000 Words Article?

Hey guys,

I’m curious, how much time do you usually spend writing a 2000-word article? Personally, I find myself spending around 10-15 hours on each one, factoring in everything from researching and organizing to writing and editing.

This is only my fourth article, so I’m wondering: do you have any tips on how to write more efficiently? Or is it just something that improves with practice over time?


What I find effective is doing all my keyword research and outlining for the entire week beforehand. I prefer to tackle these tasks in bulk because outlining an article can be mentally demanding. When I sit down to write, I want to focus solely on putting words on the page.

Previously, I struggled to write more than about 500 words before needing a break, then it gradually increased to 1000, and now I can manage nearly 2000 words in one sitting. My goal is to write at least 15,000 words per month, alongside my regular job. With practice, you naturally become faster at every aspect of the writing process.

How slow are you? :astonished:
Or we can conclude simply that you are a learner because for an experienced writer, the slower he/she can go is 3 hours for an article of 2000 words.
Just practice now and then probably in future you will be faster.