How long should a blog post be?

Hi. I’m writing a blog for a partner site. Has anyone got any tips on the length to optimise for SEO?

Length?whaaaaaaaaaattttttt!!! Content is king, my friend. Focus on in-depth, valuable content that answers searcher intent. Google rewards quality, not word count. But hey, if you “need” a number, 1000+ words is a good starting point for complex topics.

Listen, SEO is like that weird friend who always reads the instruction manual. Length? It depends! Short and sweet for quick questions, longer for deep dives. But hey, if you write like a bored sloth, even 500 words will feel like an eternity to read. Keep it interesting!

Alright blogosphere, spill the beans! What kind of blog are you writing? Short & punchy listicles? Lengthy guides? Hit me with the topic and I’ll share the SEO sweet spot!

word count stress??? Don’t overthink it! Just write enough to actually answer the question or tell the story. As long as it’s interesting, I’ll happily scroll for as long as it takes. Bonus points for pictures and videos, though!

I’m writing a blog post for a partner site and want to optimize it for SEO.

Does anyone have any recommendations on ideal blog post length?