How to find expired tumblr domains

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I’ve been in the content site space since early 2020, building all sorts of sites and learning about organic growth, SEO, display ads, affiliate marketing, web development, and content creation.

One challenge I faced was that my sites’ Domain Authority (DA) was really low. Then I discovered expired domains and started building new sites on these old domains with existing links. These sites grew much faster than my previous ones.

This led me to create my own expired domains tool a few months ago. It makes it easy to find vetted, high-quality expired domains. I’ve been the sole developer, so it’s taken a lot of effort, but it’s been live for a few months now and I’ve found thousands of valuable domains.

If you want to try it out, you can visit I would love any opinions, criticism, or feedback. Use the discount code “Reddit” for the first month at just $2. Thank you…


I purchase expired domains from websites in my niche or that are comparable to mine, and I may use them to direct visitors to particular pages on my sites, or even to my t2 or t3 properties.

Websites with unique or premium links can be purchased for $60 to $200.

To find expired Tumblr domains, use domain auction sites like GoDaddy Auctions and NameJet, search for specific keywords, use expired domain scraping tools, or manually search for expired Tumblr blogs on search engines like Google or Bing. Be aware that expired domains may have issues like previous owner reputation, broken links, and outdated content, so research thoroughly before purchasing.

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Using the following techniques, you can locate Tumblr domains that have expired.

To locate expired Tumblrs based on a keyword or niche, use
To manually locate expired Tumblr domains, use MozBar, Check My Links, and Google Chrome.
Use Scrapebox to identify blogs that are 404, clean your lists, and scrape for expired Tumblrs.

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Draven, I appreciate you sharing these methods! For this, Scrapebox and are excellent resources. Have these techniques been effective for you in locating lucrative expired Tumblr domains? Are there any pointers for a novice?

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