How to outsource SEO for cheap?

Since I started in web design a decade ago, I have often heard about outsourcing SEO to contractors from developing countries to markup prices for clients. However, I have struggled to find these affordable SEO services. Recently, I saw a YouTube video claiming you can hire SEO contractors from places like India or Africa for a few hundred dollars a month, working on multiple sites. Is this realistic or just clickbait? Upwork seems to have SEO contractors starting at $20/hour, and many do not deliver results. Where should I look for reliable and affordable SEO services if I want to offer them to my clients without charging exorbitant fees?

If you are not familiar with SEO, you should not be offering SEO services.

If you don’t know how to oversee the job or perform quality checks, outsourcing SEO will be a nightmare. Additionally, Indians will almost always just outright scam you.


Lower Rates: SEO contractors in developing countries often offer lower rates compared to freelancers in the US or Western Europe. Platforms like Upwork can help you find these contractors, though vetting for quality may be challenging.


Quality Concerns: Language barriers and cultural differences can lead to miscommunication and ineffective SEO strategies. Good SEO requires understanding search intent and local nuances. Unsustainable Practices: Extremely cheap services might use black-hat SEO tactics (methods that violate search engine guidelines) which can backfire and harm your clients’ websites. Limited Expertise: Finding SEO professionals with a deep understanding of the latest algorithms and best practices can be difficult at very low prices.

Clickbait vs. Reality:

Sensationalized Claims: YouTube videos promising high-quality SEO for a few hundred dollars a month are likely exaggerations. Effective SEO is an ongoing process that requires skill and effort.

Alternatives to Consider:

White-Hat SEO Education: Upskill yourself on white-hat SEO practices (techniques that comply with search engine guidelines). There are many online courses and resources available.
Partner with a Reputable SEO Agency: Consider partnering with a reputable SEO agency that offers affordable packages. This gives you access to their expertise and allows you to offer SEO services with confidence.
Focus on Value, Not Just Cost: When talking to clients, emphasize the value you bring through improved website traffic, lead generation, and increased sales. Don’t compete solely on price.

Finding Reliable Services:

Look for Experience & Certifications: Seek SEO professionals with experience in your target niche and relevant certifications.
Check References & Case Studies: Ask potential partners for references and case studies to demonstrate their past success.
Transparent Communication: Clear communication is key. Discuss their approach, goals, and reporting metrics before hiring.