How to remove sitemap from google search console. Tips?

I linked the client’s website to Google Search Console and noticed that they still have multiple sitemaps active.

I believe removing old sitemaps won’t cause any issues with the new website, but I want to double-check to ensure it won’t have any negative impacts other than possibly lowering rankings.

To manage and update the sitemaps for your client’s website efficiently, start by confirming that the current sitemap accurately represents all the active pages. Then, remove any outdated sitemaps through Google Search Console by selecting them and hitting ‘Remove Sitemap’. After this, resubmit the updated sitemap to prompt a re-crawl and ensure that Google recognizes the latest changes. Finally, monitor the Index Status and Coverage reports in Google Search Console to watch for any indexing issues or changes in rankings. This approach helps maintain optimal SEO health and ensures the website’s content is correctly indexed by search engines.

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Solid approach to sitemap management: Verify current sitemap accuracy, remove outdated ones via Google Search Console, resubmit updated sitemap, and monitor Index Status and Coverage reports for SEO health.

@GuyBolding Saw your question about removing a sitemap from Google Search Console. A few tips:

First, log into Search Console and go to Sitemaps. You’ll see all submitted - look for the one to ditch. Click the three dot menu and select Delete.

Google may still have it cached, so remove the XML file from your server too. Delete or rename it so it’s no longer accessible.

Search Console usually takes a week to fully remove. Check back after to make sure it’s gone for good.

If still hanging around, try resubmitting a different sitemap - should override the old one. Removal won’t undo past crawling, but will stop Google using that sitemap going forward.

Let me know if those steps don’t work or if you have any other questions! Properly removing in Search Console and from server is the way to go.

Taking out old sitemaps from Google Search Console should be okay for the new website. It might affect how high the website shows up in searches for a little bit, but it’s usually fine to do.

Just make sure the new sitemap is put in right so Google can keep checking and showing the website.

Here’s a simple way to take off a sitemap from Google Search Console:

  • Go to Google Search Console and sign in.
  • Click on the property with the sitemap you want to remove.
  • On the left, find “Index” and then “Sitemaps.”
  • Look for the sitemap you want to remove and click the trash can icon next to it.
  • Confirm the removal.
    After this is done, Google will stop using that sitemap for your website.