How to start a digital marketing agency with no experience

Has anyone ventured into launching a digital marketing company without prior experience in the field? Specifically, lacking any background in digital marketing.

Given someone possesses strong project management abilities, coupled with a background in sales and access to funding to recruit proficient specialists across different domains, is it viable to establish a digital marketing company?

Thank you.

Starting a digital marketing agency with zero experience is like trying to fly a plane without ever leaving the ground. It’s not just throwing up some social media posts and calling it a day. SEO, PPC, content marketing – it’s a complex beast. Clients will throw jargon at you “conversion rates” “click-through rates.” You won’t know what they mean, let alone how to deliver results. Funding might get you started, brown, but it won’t guarantee success. In fact, it might accelerate your burn rate as you sink money into unproven strategies and potentially clash with your recruited specialists. Good digital marketers want to work with leaders who understand the field, not just write the checks. Maybe consider partnering with someone who actually has digital marketing experience. They can be your in-house guru while you leverage your sales and project management skills. Hope this helps.