How To Write an SEO friendly Article

I have been producing SEO articles for a long now, and I have a solid grasp of keyword research and optimization. However, I have been questioning if there is a better approach lately. SEO is a topic that everyone discusses, but what about readers? I wonder if incorporating real customer feedback and internet reviews with SEO best practices could make a big difference. Do you think it could improve rankings and or engagement? Has anyone used this strategy before? Would be delighted to hear your opinions!

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Absolutely! Combining authentic consumer feedback and online reviews with SEO strategies can dramatically improve your content. Here is why:

Improved rankings and engagement through customer feedback on relevant topics. By resolving these flaws and including important keywords from reviews, your material will better correspond with search inquiries, potentially increasing your search ranks.

Reviews and feedback foster trust among potential buyers. Including actual client experiences in your material boosts credibility, something pure SEO optimisation frequently lacks. This can lead to more engagement since readers see your material as important and trustworthy.

Practical Uses of This Strategy:
Product reviews: Customer reviews are frequently found on product pages on e-commerce websites. This not only improves SEO with relevant material, but also creates trust with potential buyers.

“Best Of” Lists: Making “best of” lists based on client feedback might help you target certain keywords and emphasise real-world experiences.

Blog posts: Writing blog entries that address typical consumer complaints or difficulties highlighted in reviews may be quite instructive and help you position yourself as an expert in your subject.

Although this strategy is not new, it is frequently underutilised. By listening to your audience and shaping your content accordingly, you may reach a win-win situation for both SEO and reader engagement.

You’ve been rocking SEO with keywords, but what about readers? Here’s why customer reviews can be a secret weapon:

  • Goes beyond keywords: Real people’s voices add value and connection.
  • Boosts rankings and engagement: Google loves content that clicks with users.
  • Example: Running shoe article? Include what customers say about comfort or features.

How to do it:

  1. Research reviews: Find what people say about your topic.
  2. Identify themes: What are common concerns or questions?
  3. Incorporate findings: Address these points and use their language in your writing.
  • Include quotes from real reviews (with attribution) for extra punch!

This strategy benefits SEO and readers. You create valuable content, and readers get what they truly need.

Yes dear, you are on the right track.