I am looking a job and was wondering the current seo marketing salary

I just got offered my first job as an SEO specialist. It’s a remote job in the US with all the benefits.

I’ve been running my own business for a few years. I make websites for small to medium-sized businesses and handle their SEO and digital marketing. This would be my first job in a company.

They offered me $50k a year. Some websites say that’s an average salary, but I’m not sure if it’s enough, considering inflation and remote work making salaries more equal across different places. I want to make sure I’m not getting paid less than I should.

Sadly, it’s tough unless you work for a big company in your country. People from other countries are trying to do SEO too (and not always doing it well), making it hard for small businesses to keep up.

Our agency is not in your country, and we charge small businesses as little as $2.47 an hour. But even then, some say it’s too expensive and ask for cheaper rates. This makes us think about what we pay our team. But honestly, we pay them well depending on the country they live in.