Is it Acceptable to Utilize Stock Photos for Content Images in SEO?

Hey guys, I’m still pretty new to SEO and just starting to get the hang of things. I recently signed up for SEMRush and I’ve got a couple of meetings lined up with them to dive into their tools. Seems like they’ve got a ton of expertise.

Anyway, whenever I write content for my website, I always like to include images to spice it up. But I’ve been wondering, do you think there could be any downsides to using stock photos? You know, those free images you find online. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


Hello there, Ensure the stock photos are highly relevant to your content. Irrelevant images can confuse visitors and negatively impact user experience.

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Using stock photos for content images in SEO is acceptable and can improve your website’s attractiveness and relevance. However, original images are even more beneficial for SEO. If you need unique images, consider using sources such as Flickr: Creative Commons or Unsplash.

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Stock photos are often used by many websites. If your site features the same images as other sites, it can make your content feel less unique and original.