Is it possible to use AI to improve grammar and spelling

I am not a native English speaker and use AI tools alot, but want to use it for editing and grammar fixing and restructuring my paragraphs. I have been told Google is deleting AI content will I be in danger?

Sure, AI can help with grammar and spelling… to an extent. But it’s not magic. You’re still dealing with machines here so they can miss complex errors, misunderstand context and leave your writing sounding like a soulless instruction manual. Maybe Google won’t delete your AI-edited content, but they’ll shove it so far down the search rankings, it’ll be lost in the digital abyss.

You can use AI tool yes but relying too heavily on AI for grammar and spelling correction can lead to a diminishing ability to recognize and correct mistakes independently. In fact, overreliance on AI could result in decreased language proficiency over time.

It’s dangerous to use AI, as long as Google is in control.

Just be natural… If you want your content to rank.


Use such tools like Quillbot for paraphrasing your paragraph.

It might help or not…

Yes, Use your third eye. AI will destroy your ranking or even our site removed completely… be vigilante