Is keyword surfer reliable?

I am new to SEO, and my first task is to rewrite the website content for a small digital branding placement agency. I’m using Keyword Surfer for my initial research. I’m starting by making lists of topics, keywords, and related terms for each product page. Then, I’ll write the first version of the content based on these findings.

However, I’m a bit puzzled because some of the monthly search volume estimates from Keyword Surfer seem too low to be accurate. For instance, it says “digital branding” has only around 590 searches per month, which seems surprisingly low. Am I overlooking something?

Any advice or thoughts would be really helpful. Thanks!


I would not trust the search volume estimate from any tool. However, you can use these estimates to compare keywords within the same tool. For example, if digital branding has a volume of 590 and product branding has 400, the exact numbers might be off, but digital branding likely has a higher search volume. Branding might even be around 1500. Just remember to only compare estimates within the same tool, as different tools can provide wildly different numbers for the same keywords.


Hello @James_Spader,
I used the keyword surfer tool during my first experience in SEO writing.
I wouldn’t say that the numbers are not reliable but remember the value is just an estimate and not the actual figure.
I just had to move to SemRush because keyword suffer had limited tools

Keyword Surfer can be a convenient tool for quickly accessing search volume data and related keywords directly within Google search results. Its user interface is designed to be intuitive and accessible for users familiar with Google’s search interface.