Is our SEO company ripping us off?

I work as a marketing manager for a roofing company. An SEO agency has been helping us since before I joined. When I looked into our website traffic, I found some things that seemed strange.

There were big jumps in organic and direct traffic that we couldn’t explain, and we didn’t see a similar increase in calls or lead forms. This wasn’t reflected in Google Search Console either. I know that organic traffic in Google Analytics isn’t just from Google, but it still seemed odd. In the past three months, we had 13,000 users from organic traffic in GA, but only 403 clicks in Google Search Console. So, only 0.03% of our organic traffic is coming from Google? That doesn’t seem right.

According to Google Search Console, we have 43 indexed pages. However, the SEO agency’s report claims we have over 400 pages indexed and getting traffic and clicks. Some of these pages are very strange. We’re a roofing company, but some of the pages they say are getting traffic are about lawyers, like /divorce-law.

They charge us $5,000 a month and produce one blog post every three months. They say they have a custom AI that scans our site and competitors’ sites and edits our existing pages to help us rank better. I asked how we could be ranking for new keywords and indexing new pages without producing new content. They said their AI does it for us and that creating new content and pages is an “old school way” of doing things.

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Pure rip off I must say …Runnnnn