My Google my business views has dropped to nothing

I used to receive numerous calls from customers who found me on Google My Business, but lately, my performance has plummeted to zero.

I have filled out all the fields comprehensively and keep it updated regularly, but now there is no activity.

Could this be due to a Google update? How can I resolve this?

Appreciate any advice.

Check for Google Algorithm Updates. Google’s algorithms are always changing, and sudden drops in rankings can often be linked to these updates. If you’ve seen a decline in your rankings, it’s wise to investigate whether recent algorithm changes might have impacted your profile or similar businesses. Keeping track of these updates can help you understand and adapt to fluctuations in search engine results.

Include a map on your website. And start publishing multiple times a week. Perform some research on keywords and rearrange your products and copy to incorporate them.

Additionally, analyze pricing competitors and provide some introductory possibilities along with price matching.

That will undoubtedly increase CTR.

Why would the website benefit from having a map on it? Is this a particular kind of map?