Need Advice on a Google SERP Checker Tool

Hey everyone, I’m looking for a free Google SERP checker tool that can help me track my website’s search engine ranking. I used to rely on one a while back, but it stopped working. Does anyone have recommendations for a reliable and easy-to-use tool that doesn’t cost anything?

I use Google Search Console for watching my website’s search performance since it provides useful information about how my site ranks in Google searches. While it is not a standard SERP checker, it does provide detailed information on keyword performance, ranking positions, and total search traffic. This allows me to see how well my site is working and find areas for improvement, making it a valuable tool for tracking SEO efforts.

I don’t use this tool but I think that you need to send them an e-mail to concel your inscription in it. Try it and see maybe it will work. Good luck

I believe the Google Search Console is the best option for your needs. It provides detailed information on your pages, including the keywords for which your pages and articles are rated.