On-site or onsite

Do Google or Bing differentiate between: Onsite vs On-site vs On site; such as Onsite Python training vs On-site Python training? Appreciate your help.

Don’t sweat the hyphen! “On-site” and “onsite” both mean the same thing. Search engines like Google and Bing care more about finding your Python training than that little dash. Pick whichever you find easier to remember and go for it!

When it comes to search engines like Google or Bing, they’re pretty smart at understanding variations in spelling and phrasing.

So whether you type “Onsite,” “On-site,” or “On site,” they generally get what you’re looking for. That means if you’re searching for “Onsite Python training” or “On-site Python training,” you’re likely to get similar results either way.

In my experience, search engines focus more on the context and relevance of the content rather than specific punctuation or spacing.