SEO for my hotel

I recently talked to a client who owns a small hotel. They want to be more visible on Google and get more bookings. I checked quickly and saw that using pay-per-click (PPC) ads might not be the best option because is bidding on keywords, making it costly to run ads. The client wants me to improve their website, but this industry is new to me. Can anyone with experience in the hotel industry offer some advice? I’m still learning, so any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks! :pray:

If you want to boost SEO for your hotel all you need to do is

Improve the hotel’s Google spot with SEO.

Add the hotel to Google My Business, get more guest reviews, and use words people search for.

Make sure the hotel’s website works well on phones, loads fast, and shows nice photos and clear info.

Share stories or cool things about the hotel or nearby places.

Team up with local shops to get noticed more.