SEO is Difficult in 2024 (My Experience)

Guys I bought New domain around 2 Months ago.

Setup wordpress site.

Added 30+ articles.

Most of them are NON SEO or NON keyword based just one Main keyword same in all article.

Some of them are SEO based articles with KD under 29. (Semrush)

Today my site is not even showing in SERP… I dont know why…

Everything is Perfect… I have created social media & also posting regularly.

I guess Blogging is Quite Difficult in 2024 specially after HCU… Earlier Blog used to Rank in 1 Month…

What do you think?

Your new site not ranking despite efforts could be due to content quality, on-page SEO, domain age/authority, and heightened competition. Focus on creating relevant, in-depth content, optimizing technical SEO, and building domain authority through link-building. Be patient as success takes time in the evolving SEO landscape.