What are 5 deadly marketing niches?

As a beginner guide me here

As a beginner @AlgorithmAddict

  1. Niche specialization,
  2. Keyword research
  3. Ad spending
  4. Link building
  5. Great content

Getting into these 5 digital marketing niches may not be for the faint of heart, but one will gain valuable business experience by competing in them.

For someone just starting out, you should probably stay away from the niches below:

  1. Breaking news
  2. Health Advice
  3. Online money-making tips
  4. Crypto
    Some of these niches have short validity times while others have very high competition that will be hard to beat.
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For a niche to be deemed “deadly” or bad, depends on various factors.
This could be attention span, competition, audience, etc.

  • so, niches with short attention span or validity time won’t easily monetize.
  • Also, those that have high volumes of people working on them should be avoided too.
  • Focus on a niche that has less people and a large audience