What is a niche site?

I see this term all over and from experience what are niche sites?

A niche website caters to a specific audience or topic, offering tailored content and products unlike general interest sites. By focusing on a narrow niche, these websites can attract and engage their target audience effectively. Keyword research guides content creation to address visitor queries accurately. Niche sites help brands and entrepreneurs establish expertise in their field. With a smaller target market, niche sites provide highly customized goods, services, and information, meeting specific audience needs better than general websites.

A niche site caters to particular topics or interests, delivering content customized for a focused audience.

It spans a range of themes intending to establish itself as a go-to resource within its specific niche.

This specialization can lead to revenue through advertising, affiliate links, or direct sales.

The key to a niche site’s success lies in selecting a compelling niche and attracting visitors.

Just to chip in, many people choose a niche they’re not experts in, but they look at the top 10 ranking articles in that niche to get ideas on how to cover the topic comprehensively.
They select relevant keywords from these articles and use AI tools to create content. Then, they focus on both off-page and on-page SEO strategies. This approach can result in their article ranking in the top 10 as well.
This process, known as content scraping, can be effective but raises ethical concerns about originality and quality. It’s important to prioritize creating valuable and authentic content rather than relying solely on SEO tactics.

A niche site refers to any website that targets a particular audience or topic. These topics can range from health, business, relationships, travel, food, fashion, animals, to even more obscure subjects.

A niche site is a website that focuses on a specific subset of a broader market. These sites cater to a particular audience or topic, providing specialized content.
These websites cover topics like health, business, relationships, travel, food, fashion, to even more obscure subjects.
These sites often monetize their traffic through various methods like ads, affiliate marketing, or selling digital products such as online courses or ebooks and many more methods.

Niche Websites grow easily and are easily monetisable hence if you want to start a website, you may consider a niche website.