What is SkyScraper SEO technique?

I want to know, what’s the actual thing is? What process should I follow?

Finding excellent content that has already been published in a niche you want to rank in is basically what it involves. If you’re generating more contemporary content, you can perform some manual outreach and examine the backlinks of all the other websites with comparable content.

The entire concept originated with skyscrapers; in the past, one person would construct one, and then the next person would have to improve upon it.

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Brian Dean of Backlinko invented this white hat technique. It has worked wonderfully when I’ve used it in the past. That about sums up what u/mjs1012 said.

It’s one of the few techniques that truly does the trick.

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I appreciate you explaining that, Brandy! The skyscraper method is a wise tactic. It makes a lot of sense to enhance already-existing content and get in touch with those who linked to related information. Has this approach worked well for you in your niche? Any advice on successful outreach?