What's the best AI copywriter out there with a lifetime deal?

Hey, I’ve been on the hunt for the best AI copywriter with a lifetime deal. I’m a fan of Jasper, but the price is a bit steep for my personal projects that aren’t bringing in cash at the moment.

I’ve also tried Neuron Writer, which has some neat SEO features, but it’s a bit clunky when it comes to generating content from scratch.

Do you know of any other AI tools like Jasper that offer a lifetime membership?

For a more budget-friendly AI copywriter with a lifetime deal, you might want to check out WordHero for versatility in content creation, or Writecream if you’re leaning towards short-form content like emails and blog intros. Both offer one-time purchase options that could be easier on the wallet for personal projects.

I get why you’re looking for an AI copywriting tool that offers a lifetime subscription. Though Writesonic and ShortlyAI are less well-known options, you may wish to consider Jasper and Neuron Writer. Writesonic provides a variety of copywriting features and occasionally offers lifetime bargains. Though it doesn’t always provide lifetime offers, ShortlyAI is renowned for its strong content creation skills and user-friendly design. Look out for special offers or get in touch with us directly to find out about choices for a lifetime membership.

Would you like some help comparing the features of these different tools to see which one aligns best with your needs?