What's the Best Cheap Rank Tracking Option?

Hi folks…

Am working with a client who needs me to track 2-5k keywords. They’re paying a decent amount, but not enough to cover extensive costs. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of credits on my SEMrush and AHREFS accounts, and I don’t want to ask the client for more money.

I’ve been looking into SE Ranking as it seems to have the cheapest daily checker. However, I’m open to checking the keywords every few days or weekly if that would be more cost-effective.

Does anyone have experience in making keyword tracking like this more affordable? Ideally, I’d like to roll this out for all my clients, as we currently report on all keywords. This particular client is just very detail-oriented.

Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated…

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SE Ranking has been highly effective for me due to its balance of high-quality data, advanced tools, and reasonable pricing. The platform allows for unlimited projects, tracks over 20 competitors per project, and offers features like white-label reporting and lead generation.

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SEO.com: The easiest to use and most economical
Cost: Free, with a $19/month premium option

While SEO.com provides several tools for analysing organic traffic, rank tracking is one of our best services. This is the one to choose if you require quick reports that display your ranking and that of your rivals.

Keyword tracking on a tight budget? Here are some ideas to keep it affordable for you and your client:

  • SE Ranking or Serpwatcher: These tools offer good prices, especially for less frequent checks (weekly might be enough!).
  • Freemium options: Explore limited free plans or Google Search Console for basic data (might not be ideal long-term).
  • Talk to SEMrush/Ahrefs: They might offer custom plans for high-volume users.