Which SEO app do you use?

I’m accustomed to using WordPress’ Yoast. Yoast on Shopify hasn’t really pleased me, therefore I’m currently searching for a free program that can quickly create a basic audit and compress photos so I won’t have to constantly deal with Semrush.

Thus, my main query is. Which app do YOU use, and why do you use it specifically? advantages and disadvantages.
If an app is excellent, it can even be purchased.

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My favorite SEO tool is SemRush, but you should also use Google Search Console to its fullest potential.

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Hello guys the SEO app that i use is the Moz Pro which Provides a variety of SEO tools for keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and brand monitoring.
another one is the Google Search Console, it is a free tool from Google that helps you monitor your website’s health and performance in search results.