Why is there a sudden drop in traffic and ranking on the website in 2024?

Anyone explain to me why there has been a sudden drop in traffic and ranking on our website in 2024? We have not made any major changes recently, so I am puzzled about what’s causing this decline. Any similar experiences?

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Google released a fundamental update in March. Numerous search rankings were affected as a result.

Google regularly improves its content evaluation and updates its algorithm, which can influence page rankings through major and minor adjustments. To keep up with future changes, you might want to subscribe to the Google Search News YouTube channel or follow them on Twitter.

Recent Google updates might be to blame, as they prioritize high-quality content. Don’t panic! Many websites are experiencing this. Here’s a quick fix: Check Google Search Console for clues on what might have happened. Focus on creating even better content for your website. Search online to see if others are facing similar issues. With some effort, you can get your traffic and ranking back on track