Why is There an Underscore in the Title on Google Search?

Hey guys, I’ve been diving into SEO for my fishing shop lately, and I’ve noticed something curious on Google and Apple searches. You know how some businesses have their main title, like “Bass Pro,” and then underneath, there’s a little description like “Tackle, Outdoors, and Apparel”? How do I set that up for my shop? Any ideas or insights would be greatly appreciated.



If you haven’t already, claim your business on Google My Business.

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Incorporate relevant keywords naturally into your business description to improve visibility. For example, use phrases like “fishing gear,” “tackle shop,” “outdoor apparel,” etc.

I recently tackled this for my own business, and one strategy that really worked for me was optimizing my Google My Business profile. I made sure to fill out every section completely, especially the “business description” field, with relevant keywords that reflect what my business offers. This simple step helped get those descriptive lines to appear under my business name in search results. It’s straightforward but incredibly effective.