Your best ChatGPT prompts for SEO content?

I have been writing SEO material more fast by using Typefully, StoryChief, and Claude 2 in particular.

Although using an excellent prompt is like going from 0 to 100, it has been really helpful thus far.

Furthermore, it can produce gold nuggets quickly once you are well into a conversation.


ChatGPT prompts

have you found to be most useful?

topics, pillars, and clusters?

titles, H2 maps, and content outlines?

LSS keywords, rewriting, or optimization?

Reading level / “English for third grade”

SEO with parasites, etc.

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That is fascinating! It appears that you have discovered a fantastic workflow for creating SEO content more quickly. I have found the following ChatGPT suggestions to be especially helpful:

Give me three high-potential SEO article ideas for [your niche] targeting long-tail keywords," is a brainstorming exercise.
Content Improvement: “This intro needs to be rewritten to make it more interesting and naturally incorporate the keyword [keyword].”
Optimization: "Write engaging meta descriptions with a call to action for this blog article that targets [keyword].

These questions help to maintain focus and produce material that is both search engine optimization-friendly and educational.

Recall that you should use the output from ChatGPT as a guide, add to it using your knowledge, and double-check any information.

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I have nothing to share there @BacklinkBaronBill for a great response…