Are SEO apps worth using?

As I started to study up on SEO, it dawned on me that Shopify is entirely app-based. I am aware that SEO is crucial and should be done by hand to optimize for my store, but for a rough and fast start, I figured it would be OK. Now, I was wondering whether anyone had ever used SEO tools and seen a difference in their SEO? I assumed I’d ask myself since I couldn’t locate any reviews or anything of the like.


Real SEO need content, which an app cannot offer. Your website will not be ranked by meta tags. Therefore, it would be advisable for you to concentrate your efforts on a few foundational ecommerce SEO tips and begin blogging. You will eventually want expert assistance with keywords and backlinks.


It may give you peace of mind, but it won’t deliver. SEO is a grind, and that’s all it will ever be. Most apps I’ve seen are mostly “jazz hands” designed to dazzle the uninformed with near-meaningless features, like meta tags. As with anything complicated, any tool that promises a “one-click” solution should be treated with skepticism.

Google Search Console is my main tool. I firmly believe they use signals from Google Analytics, despite their consistent denial. There’s too much correlation for them not to be using traffic signals.

Set up the Merchant Center and get your free product feed up and running. Test your site with screen readers. Make sure you use structured data on your site, and ensure every product thumbnail has a snippet.


Yes, SEO apps can be worth using as they provide insights into website performance, keyword optimization, and competitor analysis, helping improve search engine rankings and organic traffic.


Investing in a home is well worth the money if you can afford it and are prepared to stay put for a few years at least. You will not be at the whim of a landlord; instead, you will acquire stability, accumulate equity, and maintain a sense of ownership and control.

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I use diib, and while it’s useful to see your ranking for various terms, they don’t provide much information on how to improve your rankings without having to pay for pricey add-ons like backlinks and hiring SEO managers.


Yes, but as a company owner, you have to consider whether SEO is really worth the long term investment.