Can I get some reviews on wealthy affiliate

Last December, I made a strategic shift towards SEO and affiliate marketing, committing fully to this venture. While I’ve been sustaining a livelihood online since 2010, primarily through freelance web design, and blogging, recent developments have been promising:

In July, I made some $1,728 from diverse affiliate programs, followed by $2,261 in August.

I was motivated and I intensified my efforts by enrolling in several affiliate marketing courses, including the renowned Wealthy Affiliate. Established in 2005, boasting over 1.5 million members, it’s a powerhouse in the field.

It’s disheartening to see how many guys still fall for such schemes. The fact that there are so many of them around speaks volumes. These scams often just mimic each other with little variation. With a world full of individuals, including many who are young and inexperienced, unaware they’re being swindled, it’s no wonder these con artists can thrive despite the saturation.

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Wealthy Affiliate (WA), is a platform with mixed reviews, it’s free to try and also teaches affiliate marketing, but you need to pay for full features & content quality.

Before you decide to acquire it explore free options & other courses before paying.

Decide what fits you!

I find that the training and building a successful affiliate marketing business take a lot of time and effort, which might not be ideal for everyone.