Finding an entry-level SEO job

I’ve been putting in a lot of effort to secure a job in SEO. Despite my limited experience, having recently graduated from college, I’ve obtained some certificates and have been actively pursuing additional courses to enhance my skill set. However, I’ve encountered numerous rejections, often receiving responses like, “We regret to inform you that we’ve selected a candidate with more suitable experience.” Any advice for navigating the job search in this field?

Try out Reddit there sre usually some opportunities there

You might hate me for this but let me be honest. The SEO job market is a bloodbath for newbies. Those certificates and online courses are like participation trophies in this game. Everyone and their grandma has them! Building a website? Volunteer work? Freelance gigs? Seriously? Companies want results not some “passion project” you tinkered with on your weekend. Focus on getting some experience in a different digital marketing field. Content marketing or social media – something that shows you can actually drive results not just play around with keywords.

After five years in this game, I’ll tell you one more thing. Network like crazy and learn the dark arts of competitor analysis and be prepared to prove you can actually move the needle.

FINAL TIP: Target the right people – the hiring managers, not some random SEO “influencers” online. This is a cutthroat business AND it ain’t for the faint of heart. Good luck out there.