Free Website audit tools that Can Audit Big Websites

Hello everyone! I would appreciate any guidance since I am just starting off with website management. Are there any accessible and user-friendly free website auditing tools that can handle large websites? Though I am curious about what else is available, I have heard of programs like Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Screaming Frog. I would much appreciate any advice or personal recommendations you may provide as I start my journey!


Bravo on starting your web management journey! @RankRiserRenee Use The Google Search Console whenever possible. You may get vital information on the condition and search engine optimization of your website with this free Google tool. You can upload your sitemap, a file listing all of your URLs, to help Google find your content more efficiently, uncover crawl issues, and assess how mobile-friendly your website is.


It is so thoughtful of you to start a kinda project @RankRiserRenee, Starting out in website management can be overwhelming, but there are some great tools to help, especially for large websites. There are free options like Google Search Console and Google PageSpeed Insights to check how your site appears in search engines and how fast it loads. There’s also a free version of Screaming Frog that can crawl your site for broken links and other technical issues, though it may not handle extremely large sites.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are other user-friendly free tools like SEOptimer and Ahrefs Webmaster Tools that can analyze your website’s health and SEO performance. While free tools are a good starting point, for very large websites, you might eventually need to consider paid options for more in-depth audits.