Google latest update

I can testify that recently my site was affected by the Google update which stressing me out so I just had this one question:
Are there any best practices recommended by Google to adapt to the new update?


Just be patient and see the results after the core update

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Is this the first time this update has happened or it has always been the case? I am new to blogging and I do not have much experience in this

They usually do updates all the time. Last year they had another one called helpful content update

To adapt to Google’s updates, focus on these simple steps:

  1. Good Content: Make sure your content is helpful and well-written.
  2. Easy Website: Ensure your website is easy to use and loads fast.
  3. Mobile-Friendly: Make sure your website works well on phones and tablets.
  4. Fix Problems: Look for any technical issues on your site and fix them.
  5. Safe Website: Keep your website safe and secure.
  6. Get Help: Use Google Search Console to see if there are any problems Google sees with your site and fix them.

These steps can help your site do well in Google’s updates and show up better in search results.