How do I delete a bad Google review that isn't true?

Hey guys, So one of our customers wrote a bad review with false information. We checked with Google, but they said the review doesn’t break their rules. We can only report it once, and there’s no one to talk to for help. We’re stuck. Is there another way to get rid of the review? The owner might even consider legal action.

@Barbara. There are just two ways to get rid of a review. Either the person who wrote it deletes it, or your business can tell Google the review is not okay by flagging it as inappropriate. Flagging the review tells Google it breaks their rules for reviews.

That is an extremely challenging situation coz the only helper, Google, cannot be of help.
But there are some workarounds you can try:

  • First you can contact the reviewer and provide facts and of course, you can request him/her to delete the review.
  • Respond to the negative review professionally providing facts and may be apologise for the negative experience.

In addition, you can encourage your satisfied users to leave positive reviews to encourage other potential users.

To address a false negative review on Google:

  1. Submit an appeal by filling out the form in a new tab.
  2. Submit the form and await an email with the outcome of your appeal.
  3. If the review breaches policy, it will be removed accordingly.