Is Moz Pro Worth It for SEO?

Hey guys,

So, I’ve been working with a startup, and our SEO team just signed up for the Medium $179/month package of Moz Pro. Our website is brand new, and we’re starting from the ground up. I’m curious about your thoughts on Moz Pro, how effective is it? What are the advantages and disadvantages you’ve experienced with it?


I run an SEO agency and rely on It offers significantly more valuable data and provides accurate rankings for both our website and competitors. Compared to Moz Pro, is far more beneficial and provides a wealth of additional features.

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Moz Pro is a solid investment for those looking for a comprehensive, user-friendly SEO tool with excellent support and educational resources. However, its value largely depends on your specific needs, budget, and the level of SEO sophistication you require. If possible, take advantage of any free trials or demos to see if Moz Pro fits your requirements before committing to a subscription.

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After using it for a while, I discovered it was incredibly pricey and not very good. I have never looked back and now use better, more affordable instruments.