Is SEO/SEA Responsible for Ruining the Internet? Let's Discuss!

So, have you ever noticed how frustrating it can be to find what you’re looking for online, especially when you’re searching for a specific problem or product? Like, I’ll spend hours just trying to sift through all the marketing nonsense that pops up before I finally get to the actual solution or information I need.

It’s like, even if I include the name of the product I’m searching for in my query, I still end up wading through pages of ads and company homepages before I find anything useful. And don’t even get me started on how much time I waste dodging all those websites that are just glorified advertisements.

I mean, sure, Google is amazing, but the way websites use it can be seriously infuriating. It’s like I have to play a game of dodgeball with buzzwords just to find a decent resource or forum thread that actually helps me out.

I’ve tried to come up with strategies over the years to make searching easier, but it feels like every time I start a new project or dive into a new technology, I’m back at square one, slogging through all the noise to find what I need.

Some people have suggested looking for alternatives or even making my own search engine, but let’s be real, that’s not exactly a quick fix. So, what do you guys think? Is there a better way to navigate this mess, or are we doomed to forever fight the never-ending battle against online marketing?


You know, Google’s algorithm seems to have a thing for pages that go on and on about everything but what you actually searched for. Like, you’re just trying to find out how to peel an apple, and instead, you get hit with a whole essay on the history of apples, a bunch of rhyming words, and an invitation to join an apple strudel bake-off.

And then, buried at the bottom, you finally get those two precious sentences on how to actually peel the darn thing. It’s like, come on, Google, I just want to peel an apple, not write a thesis on it!


You’re right on! Finding information online may be a journey. Search engines emphasize advertisements, and some websites are just digital billboards. There are solutions, such as utilizing particular search phrases (quotation marks), filtering by site type (“site:forums”), and experimenting with other search engines. But the struggle is ongoing. Hopefully, search engines will improve their filtering capabilities, or other alternatives will arise. We are not doomed, but remaining attentive is essential.


You’re preaching to the choir! Totally agree, sifting through marketing fluff to find real info is a pain. Here are some ideas to dodge the “buzzword dodgeball”:

  1. Specific searches: Use quotes & keywords. “Name of product + troubleshooting” helps cut through the noise.
  2. Refine with operators: Try “site:[invalid URL removed] + your issue” to find relevant forum threads.
  3. DuckDuckGo: Consider alternative search engines that prioritize organic results over ads.

Let’s share more search hacks! Maybe together we can tame the online jungle!

Hilarious! I feel you on the endless apple peeling dissertations.

Here’s a trick: try adding “video” to your search. “How to peel an apple video” usually cuts straight to the chase.

Anyone else have search hacks for those overly wordy websites?

Spot on! Searching can feel like an obstacle course. Love your tip about filtering by site type - genius for forums! Let’s keep sharing hacks and hope for better search tools in the future. #tamingtheonlinejungle