Is Stupid Simple SEO Course Worth It?

Hi there, I am considering taking Mike Pearson’s Stupid Easy SEO Course right now. I have already bought and read the book Make Traffic Happen. Should I invest in his video course? Or should I persevere and gain my own knowledge? I appreciate any feedback, friends. When it comes to signing up for courses, I trust this site more than blog postings that use affiliate links. :joy: :joy:

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Yes, it’s definitely worth it. :smiley: He walks through his own website launched a year ago, now generating over $6,000. :moneybag: Additionally, his Facebook group is thriving. :fire: This is easily the best course I’ve ever invested in. Following his methods a year ago, a few posts I wrote now earn the highest ad revenue due to their high ranking. The return on investment is tenfold. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Almost nobody here buys guides. Most information is free. The content in popular ebooks is already well-known because they are widely circulated, and the information ends up on countless blogs.

Just use what you remember from the ebook (I honestly don’t even know who the author is, and I make my living with this), create a site, and start working on it.

Spending too much time reading and watching tutorials is a waste.

I don’t know how advanced you are, but it helps to practice and learn while working on projects.

Add some relevant affiliate programs in the banner areas of your site, and you’ve got it monetized. This can provide additional motivation.

In my experience, investing in a structured video course can really streamline your learning process. It’s like having a mentor guide you step-by-step through the complexities, which can save you a ton of time and trial-and-error. Plus, with a trusted source like Mike Pearson, you’re likely to get insights and strategies that aren’t just rehashed blog content. Ultimately, it boils down to how you prefer to learn—whether through self-discovery or with a more guided approach.

If you ask me, skip buying SEO courses. Invest in mentoring instead. YouTube and SEO platforms have great free stuff to start with, but practice is key. Doing it alone with your own sites can be slow. Find a mentor for hands-on SEO guidance in 2-3 months.