Most of the content sites I know of have been completely destroyed

I sold a few websites in 2022 and 2023. Now they’re all gone.

I’m looking at Flippa for ideas and checking the traffic of the sites. All gone.

It’s very hard to find a website that hasn’t lost 50-95% of its traffic.

I’m checking out old competitors. All gone.

I’m looking at old big blogs I used to read about. They’ve all been destroyed.

I’m not trying to scare anyone, but what I’m seeing is really worrying.

It’s strange to look at 10-20 sites of different sizes, check them all on Ahrefs, and see the same huge drop in traffic this past year.

I just saw one on Flippa that I liked. It’s in a good niche and has a cool domain. But when I checked on Ahrefs, it’s lost 95% of its traffic and looks terrible now. That poor owner is trying to sell a year too late.

Remember the saying “content is king”? Google rewrote the rules. Now it’s “Google’s algorithm is king”. Even if a site survives one update, it’s just a ticking time bomb until the next one buries it. Maybe it’s time to abandon ship. Find a new hobby, a new career path.

Same here things have been hard on my side, my sites are not ranking or even appearing on Google search, but when I went through the new rules and policies this is what I discovered: Google has updated their algorithm making sites less visible, increased competition, shifts in how people use the internet, neglected SEO, lost backlinks, declining content quality, technical issues, and changing market trends.

Also the biggest suspect is AI

Google runs everything

Its the king

The most common reason why most of the sites have been deleted, or traffic dropped based on this reasons

  1. Algorithm Updates
  2. SEO Neglect
  3. Loss of Backlinks

By following the rules and policy of google My friend your sites will be ranking as well as your traffic increasing…