Should I write content for long tail keyword or short tail?

I have a query regarding the production of content and keywords.

Is it best to write a single, large post with a short-tail keyword that incorporates several long-tail keywords, or should I concentrate on one, two, or three long-tail keywords from a broad topic?

As an illustration:

  1. Post a post with the short-tail keyword “what to bring on a picnic” (including keywords like picnic dishes, picnic fridge box, and snacks, etc.).
  2. Use the following long-tail keyword in your post: “essential picnic snacks.”

I would be grateful for your guidance.

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When deciding whether to write content for long tail or short tail keywords, it’s important to consider your goals, competition, and audience.

Do both! Big post with “what to bring on a picnic” is good to catch lots of people. Mention all the picnic stuff like snacks, coolers, and plates inside that post. Focus on specific things like “picnic snacks” in smaller sections. That way you catch people looking for exactly that. Think of it like a big picnic blanket - you can have a whole meal on it, but it’s also good to have some smaller plates for everyone to grab snacks.