Web Design and SEO

Is it possible to have one without the other, or are web design and SEO a dream team?

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Web design and SEO work hand in hand. A good website needs discoverability to thrive. Imagine stunning stone with no sign… SEO helps people to find it

Hey, just a heads up – your site’s design can impact SEO. For example, using h tags just to get bigger fonts, even if they’re in the wrong place, can mess things up. Also, having a slow page load because a function looks good or is fun to use isn’t great for SEO. And skipping breadcrumbs for the sake of aesthetics isn’t ideal either. So definitely keep SEO in mind from the start when developing your site!

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In my experience, the best website designers and coders are those who understand SEO. If you work with two separate agencies or think of them as a dream team, it can cause conflicts. It’s much better to have a developer who knows how every single feature will positively affect SEO. So, I recommend finding a web developer who is also well-versed in SEO.

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I’d recommend finding an agency that offers both design and SEO services. This way, you can consolidate your costs and ensure better cohesion. When you work with separate companies for SEO, design, and content, you might face issues with uniformity and cohesion. Nowadays, content, design, and SEO need to work together as part of a holistic ongoing process. It’s crucial for your design and content teams to be aligned with your SEO strategy. In my experience working on major redesign projects over the past decade, effective communication and competence are key to long-term strategy success.

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Thanks for your in-depth answer :slightly_smiling_face: This is also very crucial

This field of SEO and web design is quite wide and one is required to be familiar with this field. Starting your own website or blogging is not all about just SEO and design, there are other setbacks one should know such as keyword research, tools for blogging, plugins that one can use in the website to help in the SEO, google updates, and many others.
They play a key role in ranking your website just to add.

Seems you are conversant with this field, do you have any guide that can help me through this journey?

I have been paying for these online tutorials but what I have been getting is the same thing no matter the cost. They offer the same content which is not of value.

It is quite frustrating.

Yeah. Feel free to reach out anytime. I think we can discuss one or two