What are some alternatives to Ahrefs that are considered the best for SEO in 2023?

Hey folks, have you noticed a lot of SEO pros and agencies ditching Ahrefs lately? The service fees have shot up, but some feel like the added features don’t quite justify the cost hike. For big agencies, it’s just a blip in the budget, but for smaller ones, it’s a bigger deal.

So, with that in mind, a lot of us are looking into alternatives. Semrush, SE Ranking, MOZ, and Screaming Frog seem to be the top contenders. Remember when Alexa was the big thing in SEO? Feels like we’re at a similar crossroads now.

Personally, I’ve been using Screaming Frog and SE Ranking. Semrush seems like the main competitor to Ahrefs, but man, their prices are steep. Wonder if they’ll tweak that soon?

Screaming Frog’s great for tech audits, but their keyword analysis? Meh. SE Ranking’s not a direct rival to Ahrefs, but they offer a fresh perspective. And MOZ? Kinda feels outdated, don’t you think?

Sure, there are tons of free SEO tools, but they’re not always reliable. So, if you’re thinking of jumping ship from Ahrefs, Semrush might be your best bet if your budget allows. But if you’re watching your spending, SE Ranking’s worth a look.

What do you guys think? Sticking with Ahrefs or eyeing up the competition?

For us who deal in smaller SEO agencies, Ahrefs has become insanely expensive and for sure we can’t afford it.
Though I can’t afford Ahrefs, I do not like the analysis of free tools like Ubersuggest and SE Ranking. I always see that it is better to pay for a feature and get excellent results.
That is why I would recommend to any SEO guy to always go for Semrush. Though it is a bit expensive(but of course not as expensive as Ahrefs), it offers premium features which can help you in your SEO journey.